Lisa McClure Guthrie, Chief Editorial Officer

While much of my experience is in news, I have applied my writing and editing skills to a variety of projects in a number of industries.

I’ve also been involved in work for charitable organizations:  writing, editing, social media and communications.

What a journalism professor told me years ago is true:  If you can write, you can work.




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A few links

I worked for a software company that supported agricultural businesses.  I had to constantly interview subject matter experts at the company and in the industry to educate myself.  Here’s a story about one of the products.

Cultura Technologies, binSight

In another piece, I collaborated with a product manager to learn about the exact benefits the software brought to grain businesses.

Cultura Technologies, binSight

This piece involved a trip to North Dakota to interview a CEO of a grain business and his staff.  It was updated in 2018, after I had left the company.  My copy picks up in the third paragraph.  I also took the picture.

Cultura Technologies, binSight

I did some contract writing for a national anesthesia management company.  Here is a success story included in a marketing journal.

Premier Anesthesia

Here is a story about how the anesthesia management company deftly handled a crisis.

Premier Anesthesia

In this piece the management company saved a hospital from closure.

Premier Anesthesia





Books I’ve Edited 













Five manuscripts:  three with religious themes, one corporate, one how-to


Allan J. DeNiro‘s scripture study/memoir and an interview how-to

Randy Hain‘s advice for bringing one’s faith to work and a memoir

Renea Winchester‘s guidance on how new authors can market themselves

Other writing and editing for these organizations




Editor of “Half Hour” company news magazine, training manuals, internal communication

As newsroom leader at CNN and CNN International, guided and updated style for the networks


Editor of quarterly journal “China Currents” about economic and other trends in China.


Worked with Jackson Healthcare corporate on Hospital Charitable Service Awards three consecutive years to tell the stories of nominated programs, as well as other projects.

Interviewed SMEs, physicians and others to write seven marketing journals highlighting success stories of Premier Anesthesia.






Dare to Be Brilliant

Business Communications Workshop

Dare to Be Brilliant” encourages C-suite and other leaders to propel themselves into thought leadership — the right way.  It’s a fun look at business communication, with practical tips on improving yours. 




“Don’t let your brilliant thought leadership ideas go unheard because you lack the words — or the confidence — to speak your message.”

Lisa McClure Guthrie

Chief Editorial Officer, Grammar She Wrote