Looking for the right words?  I can help you find them!


Grammar She Wrote is an endeavor to promote grammar for the public good.

  Sure, grammar and English have rules that can sometimes be bent or broken.  But in the quick e-mail and texting lives that so many of us lead, we are forgetting the sound grammar that demonstrates that we’re smart.

Then, when we have to play by the rules, we swing and miss.

So, I’ve put together a Style for Life guide for your enjoyment and reference.

And if grammar and writing just make you want to pull out your hair,  I’m available for contract writing, too. 

Hi!  I’m not one of those people who fancies herself a writer... someone who has a romantic vision of how wonderful it would be to put words together and have them make sense and harmonize. 

I am a writer.  I LOVE the craft.  It’s not always romantic.  Sometimes it’s frustrating.  Sometimes it’s gratifying.  Sometimes it doesn’t turn out exactly as you want.
Always it is exhilarating!

Never be entirely idle; but either be reading, or writing, or praying or meditating or endeavoring something for the public good. 

- Thomas à Kempis